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About us?

À part entière is an awareness campaign aimed at youth from 12 to 25 years based on healthy, equal relationships. It is an initiative of la Maison d’aide et d’hébergement l’Accalmie and Hommes & Gars, whom are two local, independent community organizations working in domestic violence on the Magdalen Islands.

This campaign’s main goal is to help youth recognize the signs of a healthy and an unhealthy relationship, as well as to make informed choices. To do this, educational tools are offered on various themes touching relationships.

It is important for both organizations that youth know how to quickly identify the different forms of violence possible in a relationship, so that they ultimately can find recourse as early as possible to solutions aiming to prevent and end violence.

This campaign is also offered in English version, made possible with the participation of CAMI, (Council for Anglophone Magdalen Islanders).


L’Accalmie is a shelter for women experiencing domestic and/or family violence. It offers women, accompanied or not by their children, a place of transition with a variety of confidential, free, secure services, 24/7.   


Hommes & Gars is an independent community organization offering free and confidential counseling services to men on the Magdalen Islands since 2013.

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